I would like to thank my two tutors; my guiding tutor, Steve Voake, and my module tutor, Mimi Thebo, who have both provided me with sound advice and ample encouragement throughout the duration of my dissertation project. I would also like to thank the two I.T. wizards who helped me to present my work at the university showcase in Bath, Gavin Wilshen and John Sumpter. I want to thank anyone who has looked at this blog and I genuinely hope it brings some kind of help to those who maybe looking for creative ways to engage with children with special needs.

And of course I’d like to say a huge thank you to the school in which I did my project, and all the wonderful professionals who helped to make it an insightful and thoroughly interesting process; PE teacher A, PE teacher B, Supply teacher A, Supply teacher B, Supply teacher C, the Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist A, Physiotherapist B, Physiotherapist C, the Speech Therapist, and all the lovely Teaching Assistants who made our PE lessons run much smoother. Thank you all.

Live your lives to the full, folks!


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