Class E

This is a group of twelve students who generally perform very well during PE. PE teacher A wants to get them playing goalball, which is a sport that involves rolling the ball as fast as possible into an opposing teams goal - the players are also blind folded. As the group seemed very excited by the idea of this game I aim to keep my own lesson plans centered around goalball practice so that I don’t interfere with the teachers plans too much. Moreover I want the plans in my project to be fun, it’s one of the main focuses I have in my aims, this way the children will be motivated to work hard during lessons if they’re enjoying themselves. So when seeing a palpably excited reaction to the sound of goalball I figured it only meant sense to stick with the idea.

Pupil 1 in this class is hemiplegic (this means she is paralyzed on one side of her body). Pupil 1 can actually walk quite effectively, I’ve even seen her jump with excitement once or twice, but she struggles to use one of her hands at all. She also tires easily; she is generally energetic and does well to keep up with the rest of the group, but after high level activities she feels better to sit down.

Pupil 2 and Pupil 3 are wheelchair users. Pupil 2 requires the use of a mechanical hoist to help him in and out of his chair when doing physiotherapeutic activities. Pupil 3 can use a table to lie on while somebody moves her chair away from her and helps lower her down, so is slightly more able. Both pupils use electro-powered wheelchairs so they can operate their movements with one hand, which is useful for them as they each have greater spasticity in one hand. They are able to speak beautifully though Pupil 2’s speech tends to sound quite slurred but is still audible.

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