Saturday, 30 March 2013

Placement Day 5 & 6 (kind of)


A cast of snow determined that the days of my placement for this week would fail to transpire as usual. However I managed to reach the school and show the PE teacher my lesson plans. He gave me some things to think about, such as the differentiation of some activities, which he scribbled down on my work. It was confirmed then that I would be taking one of the lessons on the next day of my placement for Class E.

We also discussed more about my idea for a story tailored towards exercise lessons with another teacher who had an ASD class. Her advice was helpful, telling me to ensure that I have a structured approach, break down concepts, and use symbols and visuals to help my aim. She said it would be hard but it was certainly worth a go, which I found to be some encouraging and enlightening words. After this short visit I returned home to continue with some research on social stories, which are similar to my idea of story games.

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