Monday, 20 May 2013

Ending Statement

My placement has come to an end and it has been a long but enjoyable process. Getting funding - I failed, the Story Games business plan - that failed too. But my project doesn’t have to end here, and it won’t. I intend to go ahead and offer my services to local schools, mainstream or special, and work further in PE and use Story Games to help me produce unique fun for those involved. Story Games will eventually be published on iTunes, available to anyone for a small fee, helping me make a living and perhaps a business one day, a business that will grow and infect other professionals with new ideas for fun games activities. I have learnt a lot on my placement. I had intended to stay for six weeks but I benefitted greatly from staying longer as I was able to develop a relationship with the children and come to better understand their needs. They helped me provide the basis for the heroes I intend to move on with in Story Games. They made this project for me.

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